MobileLink Mobile Banking

Welcome to McKinley MobileLink, Mt. McKinley Bank’s mobile banking solution. We offer a “Triple Play” solution to banking via your mobile device. Using cutting edge technologies such as SMS (text), mobile web browsers and smart phone applications, you can now bank from anywhere!

MobileLink is available to customers currently using McKinley NetLink, our Internet Banking product. Just login to your NetLink account and enroll your mobile device. If you have not signed up for NetLink, then you must do so in order to use MobileLink.

Secure? Safe? Absolutely.

To ensure the safety and privacy of your account information, Mt. McKinley Bank provides some key security features in MobileLink:

  • Unique Activation Code — We send you a unique activation code to verify your phone number. This code associates your mobile phone with your account. This verification also lets you know your mobile phone number has been successfully registered in our system.
  • Authentication — You are authenticated for every interaction with MobileLink.
  • Encryption — We use 128-bit encryption for all transactions.
  • Fraud Detection — We incorporate mechanisms such as transaction validation and transaction reconciliation processes to detect fraud.
  • Auditability — We provide full audit capabilities through event logs and event-based reporting.
  • No Identifiable Information — We don’t return any personally identifiable information in a text message, such as your full account number, e-mail address, or personal address. We never ask for or include your user ID or password in any messages we send. Lastly, no financial information is stored on your mobile device.

MobileLink FAQs

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.