Cash Management

Automate your transactions to cut down on time-consuming administrative tasks while efficiently managing your funds. You determine who has access to these services, which of your accounts they have access to and the level of permission for each employee.

We understand that different businesses require different solutions. Our experienced professionals will work with you to develop a customized financial plan with tools tailored to your specific situation.

Features of our ACH Cash Management include:

Direct Deposit – Payroll

With our direct deposit service, you can offer your employees the option to deposit their pay in any US bank. This service not only provides a great benefit to your employees, but may also reduce administrative and operating costs for you.

Direct Deposit – Corporate Payments

With our direct deposit service you can pay your vendors electronically.

Direct Debit

This service may be suitable if your business processes a lot of payments. By using ACH service, you can deduct a prearranged amount from your customers' accounts, regardless of where they bank. This service is valuable for both your business and your customers. Benefits of direct debit services may include improving your receivables, reducing late payments, and increasing customer retention.


If you're ready to stop making most tax payments by check, BusinessLink offers services through EFTPS, a safe and secure way to pay all your federal taxes. You can schedule tax payments and transmit payments when it's convenient for you. Prior to signing up, you will need to enroll your business in EFTPS with the IRS at  or call the EFTPS  or Customer Service Center at (800) 555-4477 or (800) 945-8400.